Black Sea CONNECT is at AstroFest 2023!

The bustling AstroFest 2023, held on May 20th, 2023, unveiled an array of captivating exhibits and activities that spanned the cosmos of knowledge. Among the standout attractions was the presence of Black Sea CONNECT at a dedicated booth, where the project took center stage during this year’s edition of the festival.

During the event, Black Sea CONNECT was showcased through an exhibition booth in this edition of the festival. The project, along with its SRIA and the blue economy in the Black Sea, was presented to the general public. To engage with children and young attendees, a competition centered around the protection of the Black Sea was organized, with small prizes awarded as keepsakes. In addition to the booth, various aspects including stressors on the Black Sea, the significance of Black Sea CONNECT, the SRIA, and the opportunities within the blue economy of our sea basin were shared with the event participants.

AstroFest 2023 thus served as a dynamic platform to foster awareness, spark curiosity, and facilitate meaningful conversations about the delicate balance of our marine environment and the sustainable opportunities it holds. As Black Sea CONNECT and the principles of the blue economy took center stage, they stood as a testament to the collaborative spirit driving positive change in the Black Sea region and beyond.