Black Sea CONNECT General Assembly was successfully held in Brussels

In conjunction with the highly anticipated launch of the Black Sea SRIA Implementation Plan, the Black Sea CONNECT General Assembly convened on the 3rd of May in Brussels, marking a significant milestone for research and innovation in the Black Sea region.

The General Assembly, comprising consortium members from across the Black Sea and Europe, gathered to deliberate on the present and future of Black Sea research and innovation. The event commenced before the Black Sea SRIA Implementation Plan Launch, creating a seamless transition between the two crucial initiatives.

One of the highlights of the assembly was the series of insightful speeches delivered by the project’s Work Package (WP) leads. These influential figures provided valuable perspectives and shared updates on the project and the progress made toward the finalization of the Black Sea SRIA and its Implementation Plan. The discussions also centered around enhancing the visibility and outreach activities of Black Sea CONNECT, highlighting the importance of collaboration and coordination among stakeholders.

After an intensive and productive meeting, the General Assembly drew to a close, leaving participants with a sense of accomplishment and optimism for the future of Black Sea research and innovation. The success of the assembly was attributed to the active participation and valuable contributions from all partners, as well as the presence of officials from the European Commission who provided invaluable insights.

Looking ahead, stakeholders and the wider community are encouraged to stay tuned for further updates as the Black Sea region advances toward a brighter future in research and innovation.