Black Sea CONNECT Takes Center Stage at MARBLUE Conference 2022

The MARBLUE conference, held from October 26th to 28th, 2022, was hosted in Constanta, Romania. The conference featured a Special Session titled “European Marine Research Infrastructures: Supporting Blue Growth in the Black Sea,” which played a significant role in facilitating insightful discussions and encouraging collaborative efforts among various stakeholders, including ERICs, RIs, as well as new projects and initiatives. The main focus was on enhancing sustainable development in the Black Sea region.

Notably, two partners of the Black Sea CONNECT; GEOECOMAR and NIMRD, were actively involved in both the organization committee and the moderation of the event. This highlights their dedication to promoting research and innovation in the marine sector, fostering partnerships and knowledge exchange to further the Blue Economy agenda in the Black Sea area.

Additionally, the conference featured a session on “Marine Spatial Planning (MSP), Coastal Management, and Ocean Literacy – Lectures.” In this session former Romanian Black Sea Young Ambassador Selma Menabit played a crucial role as a participant and presenter. Her presentation focused on highlighting the pivotal role played by young ambassadors from the Black Sea region in implementing the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda. This reflects the growing recognition of the importance of engaging and empowering youth in driving sustainable marine development and promoting environmental awareness.

Overall, the MARBLUE conference proved to be an instrumental platform for fostering cooperation, sharing knowledge, and advancing sustainable strategies in marine research and development in the Black Sea region and beyond.