Black Sea CONNECT waves at COP27!

Held between 6-20 November 2022 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, the UN Conference on Climate Change, COP27, brought together representatives from 194 countries, focusing on crucial themes like finance, science, biodiversity, water, and youth engagement.

The Black Sea CONNECT and Black Sea SRIA was well represented at COP27 with the participation of Barış Salihoğlu as the Project Coordinator and the Director of METU-IMS, the coordinating institute of the project. He took part in various side events to share their insights and contributions to tackling climate change.

One notable side event, titled “Climate-based Marine Spatial Planning and Management of Cooling Waters in Türkiye,” was chaired by Barış Salihoğlu, alongside Nazan Özyürek from the Ministry of Environment, Urbanisation, and Climate Change. During this event, as a sea basin strategy, the Black Sea SRIA and its pillars, along with their respective goals, were shared. Additionally, the role of Black Sea CONNECT in implementing the SRIA was communicated to COP27 participants.

COP27 provided an essential platform for global cooperation and knowledge sharing in the fight against climate change, and Black Sea CONNECT Project Coordinator Barış Salihoğlu’s active engagement played a crucial role in advancing the collective efforts toward a more sustainable future.