Bükem Belen

I have known that I wanted to be involved in research about our planet from a very young age. Hiking the mountains, diving in the seas, and observing the night skies filled with stars have always excited me. I earned a BSc degree in Physics and an MSc degree in Earth System Science. I am now continuing my Ph.D. in the field of Oceanography at METU Institute of Marine Sciences. 

I am curious about the dynamics of oceans, their evolution in relation to the atmosphere and climate processes, and the effect it has on life. I would like to study more about the oceans in connection with the driving forces on our climate. Looking deeper into the impacts of the changing climate, understanding its history and modeling its future motivates me.

I have a great interest in the environmental problems on Earth and a passion for a sustainable world. This interest of mine has made me be a part of environmental campaigns such as encouraging recycling, composting at home, and raising awareness of the serious climate issues. I have attended conferences and talks in the past years on pollution, clean energy, and polar sciences.

I am also one of the Climate Ambassadors of Turkey, representing my university.  We are now preparing a long-term climate change strategy and action plan to enhance adaptation, and increase co-benefits for cities, sectors, and ecosystems.  We, as climate ambassadors, want to raise awareness of the climate crisis in society.

What makes me connect to the Black Sea?
I am interested in the Black Sea because of its unique deep-sea ecosystem that links our oceans with the Ocean Worlds in the Solar System. It is a region that should be studied well, and it must be protected from outside human forces. 

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My Keywords
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