Elena Culighin

I am Program Manager within the NGO National Environmental Centre since 2018 and a scientific researcher at the Institute of Chemistry since 2015 where I am working towards the PhD thesis.

My activities aim at developing the environmental education among the population, raising awareness and mobilizing all citizens, as a joint effort of all the actors of society (civil society, public authorities, business community, educational institutions, mass media, citizens) to restore natural balance and to tackle the path of sustainable and prosperous development.

My expertise field is ecological chemistry and environmental protection that I have gained through my master’s and bachelor’s degrees at the State University of Moldova, and present studies as PhD student at the Institute of Chemistry. I love every minute of my work: especially the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge projects and discuss ideas with fellow environmentalists regarding the water management.

In my spare time I like reading books, painting. I am also a member of the Moldovan intellectual games club, which organizes each week a quiz like game on a wide range of topics.