Valentyna Chepurna

My name is Valentyna Chepurna. I was born in Saky, the West Coast of Crimea, Ukraine.

I have a Bachelor degree in Earth Sciences (Oceanography and Hydrography) Odesa State Environmental University, Ukraine, 2016. Later, I have been awarded a Master’s degree in Oceanography, 2018, Odessa State Environmental University. The thesis title: was “Ice Conditions in the Sea of Azov”.

I am now PhD student, of Science in Earth Sciences at Odesa State Environmental University, Ukraine; The subject of my scientific research is forecast and verification of marine characteristics such us: salinity, temperature, waves and sea level, ice and etc.


I am working at Hydrometeorological Centre for Black and Azov Seas, Odesa, Ukraine, since 2018. Present Position– Oceanographer.

My responsibilities are analyzing and interpreting data, developing new and improvement of existing methods of marine hydro-meteorological forecasts and calculations, their use and implementation.

The research of my PhD thesis I’m currently doing in my scientific research is because modern global climate changes have affected the changes in the characteristic parameters of sea regime.

I believe that working together Black Sea countries could make a piece of the world better and fairer.

Valentyna Chepurna