Empowering the Black Sea Young Ambassadors with Summer Training

The two-day summer training focused on science and policy communication has successfully commenced, leaving the Black Sea Young Ambassadors inspired and ready to make a difference in the Black Sea region. Hosted by H2020 BRIDGE-BS and Black Sea CONNECT projects in İstanbul, with a stunning view of the Black Sea, the 2nd Cohort of the Black Sea Young Ambassadors has embarked on a journey to explore new frontiers and drive positive change.

The training began with an enlightening session on the principles of science communication, led by renowned expert Rhonda Smith from Minerva Communications. Participants dived into various strategies for effectively communicating science to different audiences, aiming to implement the Science and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) in the Black Sea region.

To drive change for a sustainable Black Sea, it is crucial to effectively communicate with policymakers. Rositsa Stoeva of BSEC PERMIS shared valuable insights on policy communication practices, equipping the participants with the necessary skills to bridge the gap between science and policy, ensuring a prosperous future for the Black Sea.

On the second day of the training, Barış Salihoğlu, the coordinator of BRIDGE-BS and Black Sea CONNECT, welcomed the participants to the captivating world of marine science communication and ocean literacy. The aim was to foster a stronger connection between science, society, and the Black Sea, highlighting the importance of public engagement.

With the groundwork laid, the Black Sea Youth as ECOPs wasted no time getting into action. They put their creativity to work, generating campaign ideas and strategizing ways to bridge the information gap between science and the public. By collaborating with scientists and science communicators, they aim to effectively communicate scientific knowledge and evidence to the wider community.

The summer training concluded on a high note, leaving ambassadors with unforgettable memories, newfound connections, and invaluable skills. The opportunity to engage with brilliant young minds and explore innovative ideas has set the stage for positive change in our blue home, the Black Sea.

Stay tuned as the Black Sea Youth put their newly acquired knowledge into action, creating a brighter future for our beloved Black Sea!