Mirela Paraschiv

I am a Ph.D. geographer and territorial planner working as a lecturer at the Ovidius University of Constanța. My current research and educational work focus on the territorial sustainable development of coastal areas in Romania under a framework of participatory governance and community engagement, including the students as agents of change at the local level. My activities in Constanța are constantly developed within interdisciplinary teams, bringing together the professional community of geographers, biology, ecology, and urban planners professionals. Additionally, we involve schoolteachers and school students, while including also close collaborations with NGOs, in our efforts to be close to the local community of Constanta and its development needs. I am constantly involved in international research or educational projects (Horizon, Erasmus+), and my recent achievement about the Black Sea was to support the establishment of the Ovidius SDG Student Hub within our University, as part of the SDSN Youth Black Sea network, aiming to promote, to raise awareness and to take actions for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

What makes me connect to the Black Sea?
The Ovidius University of Constanta is located in the coastal area of the Black Sea in Romania and my professional research and educational interests as a geographer and territorial planner match the general aim of actively participating as a main regional and local actor for the sustainable community development of the Black Sea Basin.

The Related Blue Economy Sector
Tourism (Coastal and Cruise)

My Keywords 
#sustainableterritorialdevelopment, #coastaltourism, #participatorygovernance, #communityengagement, #environmentaleducation