The Final Edition of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda Implementation Plan is available!

The Black Sea SRIA Implementation Plan facilitated under the Black Sea CONNECT CSA, aims to set the foundational work to protect the unique habitats of the Black Sea while supporting the development of sea-based sectors, which will then boost the blue economy and help generate more employment. It will direct participants from academia, funding organizations, industry, policy, and society to address the fundamental challenges of the Black Sea, promote the blue economy, build vital support systems and innovative research infrastructure, enhance education, and build capacity. This document is a long-lasting guide to catalyze new ideas and innovations towards and with the Black Sea community and beyond with adjacent regions, actors, and instruments for a healthy, resilient, and sustainable Black Sea.

The SRIA Implementation Plan was ceremoniously launched at the European Parliament on May 4th. The launch event provided an apt backdrop for emphasizing the SRIA Implementation Plan’s alignment with regional objectives, setting the stage for a future characterized by innovative progress and impactful research outcomes.

The release of this final edition of the Black Sea SRIA Implementation Plan is expected to trigger a series of actions across academia, industry, society, and policy circles. As stakeholders begin to align their efforts with the IP’s strategic joint actions, the world anticipates a wave of transformative breakthroughs that will shape the course of research and innovation for years to come.

With the unveiling of this milestone document, the Black Sea community stands poised to embark on a new era of research and innovation, propelled by collaboration, vision, and the shared determination to create a better future for the Black Sea.