The Future Science Brief N°8 “Marine Science Communication in Europe: A way forward” has been launched in a dedicated webinar by The European Marine Board on June 23, 2022!

To shed light on the state of the art, the impact, the visibility, and the future of Marine Science Communication (MSC) actions in Europe, the Future Science Brief ‘Marine Science Communication in Europe: a way forward’, developed by the European Marine Board Communications Panel (EMBCP) and is underpinned by surveys among 80 European experts, 1861 students, and 23 EMB Member organizations.

At the webinar organized dedicated to the launch of the brief with the participation of 200 participants, fruitful discussions took place on the challenges of communicating two of the main initiatives related to the Ocean: the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development and the EU Mission: Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030, and how marine science communication can help these to be overcome. As well as training and new technologies for communication, connections with other communication fields, and positive messaging of Ocean-related news.

Emphasizing the great potential of marine science communication in terms of ocean literacy and sustainable societies in the future, the challenges and opportunities in this field were specially highlighted during the discussions.

As Black Sea CONNECT, we have contributed to this document that reveals the necessity of communication for the marine sciences, which are becoming more and more vital day by day and that will guide how to recognize, support, and improve marine science communication in Europe.

Image Credit: VLIZ