Building Black Sea Blue Economy: Partnership and Funding Opportunities successfully took place

The regional workshop, titled “Building Black Sea Blue Economy: Partnership and Funding Opportunities,” took place on Wednesday, May 10th. It gathered around 120 participants from 10 countries in the Black Sea region who were keen to explore funding and partnership prospects within the Blue Economy.

During the event, attendees were presented with key funding opportunities available to support the Common Maritime Agenda, valuable insights on crafting successful project proposals, and inspiring success stories from a regional perspective. Additionally, participants had the chance to engage in three interactive parallel sessions, where they discussed various topics related to the Blue Economy.

One of the distinguished figures at the workshop was Prof. Mustafa Yücel, the co-coordinator of Black Sea CONNECT, who shared the success story of Black Sea CONNECT as a regional exemplar. In a session titled “Interactive Parallel Sessions on Mapping Project Ideas in Line with CMA Goals and Priorities,” Prof. Yücel moderated a discussion on fostering Blue competitivity for business and innovation alongside Stanislav Petrascu.