Caravan for Blue Growth

Within the scope of Dissemination and Outreach activities of the Black Sea CONNECT CSA, the Black Sea Universities Network (BSUN) has organized the first Mobile Caravan event, aiming the promotion of the “Blue Growth” strategy with an emphasis on the issues related to the importance of watercourses, the conservation of the quality of the marine and coastal environment, but also the perspectives and implications of Sustainable Development in the coastal areas.

The event, which was dedicated to emphasizing the importance of raising awareness among the young generation by understanding the issues related to the Black Sea and the existence of challenges regarding its protection, took place on 11th of June, 2021, in Saint George Gymnasium located in the Danube Delta, with the participation of young students. During the event, the young students benefited from a special session program on subjects related to sustainability, the importance of the Danube River in connectivity with the Black Sea basin, but also subjects related to biomass-based energy sources for renewable energy production.