Mobile Caravan for Blue Economy

As part of the Dissemination and Outreach activities of the Black Sea CONNECT CSA, the Black Sea Universities Network (BSUN) orchestrated the Mobile Caravan event. The primary objective of this event was to promote the “Blue Economy” strategy, focusing on issues concerning the significance of watercourses, the preservation of marine and coastal environments, as well as the potential impacts of sustainable development in coastal regions.

1st Black Sea CONNECT Caravan on Blue Economy (11 June 2021, Covasna, Romania): 
The 1st event, centered around cultivating awareness among the younger generation by illuminating the challenges tied to the Black Sea and its safeguarding, occurred on June 11th, 2021, at Saint George Gymnasium in the Danube Delta. Students of the Saint George Gymnasium School had a chance to hear about the Danube River, its connection with the Black Sea, the importance of estuaries as well as guidance document Black Sea SRIA, the blue economy concept, and more from experts and academicians from BSUN, GeoEcoMar (online connection), Niccolo Cusano University and EcoHornet Ltd.

2nd Black Sea CONNECT Caravan on Blue Economy (12 May 2023, Sofia, Bulgaria):
The 2nd activity was organized at the High School of Computer Programming and Innovation (with the recommendation of Burgas Municipality) in Bulgaria on 12 May 2023. The Caravan aimed to raise awareness of the difficulties related to the protection of the Black Sea, challenges, and opportunities. At the presentations, aspects of the connectivity of the Black Sea with the catchment area, the influence of different rivers, and the specific aspects of semi-closed seas were highlighted. As well as these, discussions on the marine litter problem, the possibility to use Information Technology to educate people to protect the Black Sea and reduce marine litter conducted with students.

Following the 2nd caravan event, Black Sea CONNECT, its role in the sustainable blue economy in the Black Sea and more shared at the visit of the Deans of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. The discussions have been oriented mostly toward the involvement of different faculties and the involvement of the future Branch of the University, which will be located in Burgas, on topics and aspects of the Blue Economy.

These activities opened a room for further collaboration on Blue Economy and blue skills education.