Black Sea CONNECT joined the SBEP Black Sea Regional Workshop

The coordination team of Black Sea CONNECT has recently joined the Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership (SBEP) and participated in the Regional Workshop dedicated to the Black Sea region. The primary objective of the workshop, led by Elisabetta Balzi, Head of Unit at DG Research and Innovation, was to foster operational synergies and establish connections between the Black Sea Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) and the SBEP. Additionally, the event aimed to facilitate productive discussions with Mission Ocean and other existing EU Partnerships.

During the SBEP Black Sea Workshop, Baris Salihoglu, the coordinator of Connect Black Sea, provided an overview of the Black Sea SRIA process, highlighting the path toward its Implementation Plan and the potential synergies with the SBEP. Subsequently, Baris Salihoglu presented initial themes for the Black Sea SRIA Implementation Plan, emphasizing their relation to the SBEP and intervention areas. Furthermore, he announced the launch of two joint actions: the Black Sea CONNECT Marine Litter Action Forum and the Black Sea Young Ambassadors Programme. Following his presentation, Pınar Uygurer, the Project Manager of Black Sea CONNECT, shared updates on the recent activities of the Black Sea Young Ambassadors and provided a glimpse into the upcoming initiatives.

Representing the SBEP node for the Black Sea, Mustafa Yucel emphasized the priorities of Türkiye, which focus on the intersection of the SBEP SRIA and the Black Sea SRIA.

The participation of the Black Sea CONNECT coordination team in the Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership workshop signifies a significant step towards fostering collaboration, implementing shared agendas, and prioritizing the sustainable development of the Black Sea region.