Consultation with Linked Projects and Initiatives on the Implementation Plan

On 15th March 2023, a Consultation with Linked Projects and Initiatives on the Implementation Plan took place in Bucharest, organized by the Black Sea CONNECT partner, GEOECOMAR. The purpose of this event was to conduct a consultation with various linked projects and initiatives regarding the Implementation Plan for the Black Sea Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). This initiative aimed to gather valuable input from stakeholders to shape and refine the Implementation Plan effectively.

The meeting commenced with thought-provoking speeches from GEOECOMAR, the Romanian Ministry of Research, Innovation, and Digitization, the European Commission, as well as representatives from Black Sea Connect and SBEP. These speeches set the tone for constructive discussions and collaborations among all participants.

Throughout the Consultation for the Black Sea SRIA Implementation Plan, diverse stakeholders provided insightful and constructive comments. Their input holds great significance as it will be incorporated into the Final Implementation Plan, ensuring a more comprehensive and impactful strategy for the Black Sea region.

The next critical step in finalizing the SRIA Implementation Plan involves further collaboration with the Operational Network of Funders (ONF). During this phase, country representatives shared the outcomes of their national SRIA consultations, highlighting specific regional perspectives and priorities. Additionally, Black Sea CONNECT presented basin-wide results, which will be subject to thorough discussion with ONF members. This inclusive approach ensures that the Implementation Plan considers the unique needs and challenges of different countries and stakeholders in the Black Sea region.

By involving various stakeholders and operational funders, this Consultation for the Black Sea SRIA Implementation Plan is striving to pave the way for effective and impactful research and innovation initiatives. The collaborative efforts and insights gained during this event will contribute to shaping a sustainable and transformative future for the Black Sea region.