Elena Bisinicu

I am working as a scientific researcher on zooplankton at National Institute for Marine Research and Development Grigore Antipa, Romania. I have an experience of seven years in this research field and this year I finished my Ph.D. which deals with the importance of zooplankton in pelagic fish diet. I am knowledgeable in general biology, ecology, and the identification of zooplankton species. My research focuses on zooplankton diversity, sampling collection, and analysis, preparation of environmental assessments using datasets, development of appropriate planktonic indicators, and reports writing for governmental bodies and companies. I am aware of the power of combining field, lab, and studies to deliver a mechanistic understanding of the ecosystem drivers. be made by organizing meetings and workshops with students/citizens/researchers and practical training might also be an important tool for dissemination which can be used. Project activities will be presented during Scientific Conferences, Black Sea Day, and other important events which will be organized in our country. Social media will also be used as a means of disseminating the results and increasing citizen awareness

What makes me connect to the Black Sea?
Living near the Black Sea and being involved in analyzing the Black Sea due to my job.

The Related Blue Economy Sector
Research & Education

My Keywords
#environmentalprotection, #marinescience, #education, #ecology, #awarenessraising