Kalina Karadimova

My name is Kalina Karadimova, from Bulgaria. I’m a final year student at the University of Plymouth, England, specializing in BSc Marine Biology with Oceanography. Its extensive program has broadened my knowledge of the sea with topics such as ‘MPA management and policies, Ecotoxicology, Physical, Chemical, and Biological Oceanography, coastal dynamics, and many more. Throughout my studies, I have gained skills in R studio, OpenChrom, boat sampling, taxonomy, and lab analysis.  

I am hoping that my dissatisfaction, which focuses on sterol and FAME analysis in fungi found in anoxic zones, brings interest and attention to the Black Sea, which is notoriously known for its unique anoxic zones. 

During my placement year where I undertook two placements, I gained an understanding of how NGOs operate, developed social media, research, education, and outreach (by presenting to kids and local villagers), and fundraising skills. I saw the ins and outs of an Oceanology institute and gained lab experience. 

I am already an Ambassador for Bulgaria for the Surfrider Foundation Europe organization and can’t wait to see what both these positions will teach me. Using all that I learned from both my university and the two internships I did, I am excited to join the Black Sea Young Ambassadors Programme, help, and gain invaluable experience.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing the piano, horse riding with my father, exercising, baking and reading. Outside marine sector achievements include Head of House and a school prefect, two music prices, and a Best Production award for a play I produced and directed

What makes me connect to the Black Sea?
I spent every summer in Kamen Bryag, Bulgaria since the age of 5. That ignited my deep passion for protecting our coastlines and seas. Its beauty is what made me pursue my studies and future career.

The Related Blue Economy Sector
Marine fisheries, aquaculture, and living resources

My Keywords
#oceanography, #marinebiology, #conservation, #education, #youthengagement