Gizem Akkus

I am Gizem Akkuş from Turkey. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences at Middle East Technical University and my master’s degree at the Marine Biology and Fisheries Department in the METU, Institute of Marine Sciences. I am recently a Ph. D. candidate in the same department and I am a Research Assistant at METU-IMS Oceanography Department since 2017.

The Black Sea and its fishery are my main study areas. The motto of my studies is “sustainability.” The assessments of the fish stocks, sustainable exploitation of the marine sources, the growth-environment relationship of the Black Sea Anchovy, age determination from the fish otolith, and interpreting the growth responses of anchovy to environmental drivers and climate change by using otolith biochronology are my primary research interests.

I care about the future of the Black Sea and the sustainable use of it, and I work for it.