Mariam Avakova

I hold a Master’s Degree in Natural Resources (Environmental Protection and Ecology) from Ilia State University’s Science and Engineering Faculty. I am now involved in a course on Digital Journalism for the Caucasus by the Interlink Academy, sponsored by the German Foreign Ministry. I graduated with a BA from the same university, majoring in English Science and minoring in Ecology. I also graduated from a vocational programme in photography and have a degree in directing.

I am a very active young leader in society, with around eight years of experience in different fields, These include leadership, volunteering, entrepreneurship, project management, communication, partnership, journalism, youth training and more. I am the founder of the NGO “EMG” and the “GeoWheat” project, and I run a start-up selling arabica coffee seeds. I am a former Board member of ESN Tbilisi and a member of AESEC Georgia. I am also involved as a partner in different NGO programmes. Former Social Media Outreach and journalist of TOK TV and MDF Mith Lab Georgia fake news checker.I am an alumna of Think Young Entrepreneurship School and other programmes, a former delegate of EYP Georgia. I am now an advisor for Diamond Challenge Georgia. I speak four languages: Georgian, Russian, Armenian and English.

I am honored to join an initiative as Black Sea Ambassador. Sea is the big magical world, which is not visible for everybody, it’s waves, energy, it’s strength, a breathtaking and calm atmosphere. I am passionate about  this another beautiful big hidden marine world on the Earth.

I am from the Black Sea region Country, Georgia; the Sea is an outstanding part of our country. Water do not have borders, so being part of this project, it allows me, work on an international level to strengthening Black sea connect networks and initiatives