Save the date for the Black Sea CONNECT Art Fair “Healing the Black Sea by Art”!

A virtual exhibition dedicated to the International Black Sea Action Day, called “Black Sea CONNECT Art Fair: Healing the Black Sea with Art” will be organized by Black Sea CONNECT partner BSUN on October 31st, 2021.

The event, which is open to all interested students, aims to support the career development of future artists, create synergetic art activities, introduce the young generation artists from the Black Sea Region countries, and develop intercultural connections.

The virtual exhibition will provide the opportunity to participate in a virtual showroom or artworks (painting/photographs/construction with materials from marine litter) with recorded presentations or text descriptions, as well as promoting the conservation of the Black Sea through the language of the visual arts. The main emphasis of the art fair is to promote the “Blue Growth” strategy among the younger generation from the riparian countries of the Black Sea.

The event will use the context of education and arts as a source of awareness to guide us to take action to protect the Black Sea. In this sense, it will provide an engagement of reality through art, and enable the public to mingle and witness the messages coming from the sea.

If you are also interested and want to take action for the Black Sea, join the event!

You can submit your works and their description until September 30, 2021, by sending directly to the organizers to the following e-mail address:, specifying the Name, Surname, and the represented Institution.