The 4th Regional Workshop on Marine Litter was organized by Black Sea CONNECT partner NIMRD

On April 14-15, Black Sea CONNECT partner NIMRD organized the 4th Regional Workshop on Marine Litter within the project “Raising Public Awareness and Reducing Marine Waste for the Protection of the Black Sea Ecosystem” (LitOUTer).

The workshop was held with the purpose of promoting and encouraging the involvement of Romanian stakeholders and partners in the LitOUTer project in reducing marine litter in the Black Sea basin.

It has received great participation from representatives of local and national authorities with expertise in this area, such as the National Institute for Marine Research and Development “Grigore Antipa”, The Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests, and Dobrogea Litoral Water Basin Administration. During the workshop, general issues related to the reduction of marine litter and the main sources of waste pollution, as well as the impact of marine litter pollution on the environment and living organisms.

The workshop has also set out to raise awareness of marine litter among primary school students. Therefore, as part of this workshop, a contest of plastic creation entitled “LitOUTer- A Sea Without Waste” was held for I-IV grades students to enhance the knowledge and interest of younger generations in this subject.