Winners of the Black Sea CONNECT Art Fair “Healing the Black Sea by Art”

Within the scope of Black Sea CONNECT, an online exhibition dedicated to Black Sea Day was organized by one of the project partners, BSUN.

Many art-loving students from different countries participated in this exhibition, which aims to highlight the problems of the Black Sea, to make the Black Sea visible, and to convey these messages using the visual language of art.

In the exhibition, different branches of art such as video, painting, and drawing, which point to the problems of the Black Sea have been featured.

By the jury’s vote, the artworks that best point to the problems and needs of the Black Sea and the aims of SRIA were selected, and the winners were announced on BSUN’s website as follows:

Winner of the 1st prize – Student Tunzala Macidova, Western Caspian University

Winner of the 2nd prize – Student Revan Kerimov, Western Caspian University

Winner of the 3rd prize – Student Nikos Karakolis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Click on the link to visit the exhibition and get more detailed information.